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Research Opportunities

If you are interested in doing research during high school, the list below has some paid services which provide some research opportunities.

Also check out this blog about how to go about doing your own projects: CollegeVine Guide for High School Research


Polygence is a selective online academy giving a unique edge to students in their academic endeavors through research projects guided by top academics.

Pioneer Academics

The Pioneer Research Program is the only online U.S.- college credit-bearing research program for high school students that offers STEM, social sciences, and humanities disciplines with 28 research areas to choose from.

Students selected into Pioneer will receive two college credits if they pass the program. The ground breaking collaboration between Pioneer Academics and Oberlin College ensures that the quality of the research mentorship is held to the highest standards in order to qualify for college credit.

Crimson Research Institute (CRI)

Crimson Research Institute (CRI) offers qualified students the opportunity to complete an in-depth, independent research paper or project with guidance from PhDs and top university faculty.

Their Research Mentors – professors, lecturers, and PhD students with years of research experience – will help students not only to complete their own small, independent research project in a specific discipline, but also to source potential publishers, obtain patents or copyrights if applicable, and more.

Horizon Academics

Horizon Academic (HARP) is a trimester-long online research program for extraordinary high school students to refine their interest in an academic subject. Students will develop a college-level research project under the individualized guidance of a professor from a globally renowned university.

AcceptU Research Connection

The AcceptU Research Connection pairs high-achieving students with faculty from top-ranked colleges and universities in the United States. Students work 1-on-1 online with faculty, developing and supporting independent research and building specialized, college-level skills. Guided individually by their faculty mentor, students explore a unique research project and/or paper aligned with an academic area of interest.

Cost: $4500

Skool Mentor

Skool Mentor provides some projects that high schoolers can work on.


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