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About Us

We are high schoolers who constantly see our seniors and many other students stressing about getting into the college of their choice. Just like us, they all have a multitude of questions about the college application process, college culture, and much more. This made us think about how we can help our fellow students. 


We came up with Leap2College, a free platform where high schoolers can get guidance from the current college students and recent college graduates who have gone through this journey and can share their life experiences and perspectives.


With Leap2College, we hope to build a community of mentors who can help high school students navigate through the challenging process of college admissions. We also want to build and provide a comprehensive, centralized library of resources which can benefit every high schooler. Ultimately, we want to bring high school peers together who can always count on each other and build an ecosystem of support and lifelong friendships.

Sejal Rathi

Sejal is a junior at Lynbrook High School. She is extremely passionate about math and computer science, and has qualified for AIME, USAJMO, Math Prize for Girls, USACO Gold, and gotten invited to the International Math Kangaroo Camp and Stanford AI4ALL. She also loves to teach, dance, and read. She co-founded Leap2College to help high schoolers navigate their path to college.

Arushi Arora.jpg
Arushi Arora
Director of Marketing

Arushi is a junior at Cupertino High School. She is passionate about basketball, robotics, computer science, and tutoring. She has also participated in various STEM clubs as well as several FBLA committees and projects. In her free time, she enjoys biking, traveling, and spending time in nature.

Pranav V.jpg
Pranav Virupaksha
Director of Operations

Pranav is a sophomore at Lynbrook High School. He has participated in The Tech Challenge, an engineering competition, for 4 consecutive years and has worked hard with his team to success. He’s passionate about helping his fellow high school students and learning about advances in science and engineering.

Akhil Saboo.jpg
Akhil Saboo
Director of Content

Akhil is a sophomore at Lynbrook High School. Akhil is the head of Web Development at InATalent, where he currently leads a team of interns responsible for managing and maintaining their website. Akhil also loves debating, having competed in Public Forum in a number of debates including Stanford and Berkeley. He is also interested in maths and is on his school's tennis team.

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 2.15.19 AM.png
Utsav Kataria

Utsav is a sophomore at Lynbrook High School with a strong passion for CS, math, public forum debate and volunteering. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with his surrounding community – in the last two years, he taught 15+ students at a local debate camp and  ran a Python programming course for 30+ students to fundraise thousands of dollars for a non-profit, InATalent. In his free time, he enjoys reading books, hiking and swimming. He co-founded Leap2College to empower, motivate and support high schoolers in their journey to college.

Riya Malik
Director of Marketing

Riya is a freshman at Wilcox High School who loves volunteering, creative writing, sports, video production, and debate. She loves to participate in Speech & Debate tournaments and teach classes on various subjects from digital media to calligraphy, to drama and creative writing. She loves to spend her free time publishing her novels online, playing soccer, and writing poetry

Anisha Grover.JPG
Anisha Grover
Director of Global Outreach

Anisha is a sophomore at American High with a passion for coding and business. In the past, she won many hackathons and participated in Speech and Debate competitions. Currently, she is also involved in the Business club (DECA) in her school. In her leisure time, she like playing guitar and volunteering.

Sanved Doshi.jpg
Sanved Doshi
Director of Content

Sanved, a sophomore at Lynbrook High School, enjoys business, DECA and acting. He has volunteered with InATalent, where he taught video editing classes. He is the Vice President of the teen chapter of AID India, helping underprivileged kids. He edits videos for his YouTube channel and takes singing lessons in free-time. He brings his qualities of leadership and creativity to support Leap2College.

Sohil Rathi
Director of Product Development

Sohil is student at Miller and enjoys math, science, and teaching. He has participated in Math competitions all over US and won 5 national level and dozens of regional competitions. In his free time, he loves to teach, and make math related youtube videos. He has worked on Leap2College from start and helped shape the idea from inception to reality.

Mehul Goel.jpg
Mehul Goel
Director of Operations

Mehul is passionate about teaching, participating in DECA, and doing Science Olympiad. He has won multiple medals for Science Olympiad. He has also started a tutoring club.

Bushra Asif
Director of Global Outreach

Bushra is a junior at Lynbrook High. She enjoys gaming and web designing. Bushra is passionate about law and business as well as computer science. In her free time she volunteers at various tutoring organizations and helps students excel in their academics.  She is the head of web design and head of outreach at SCI, a startup organization. She hopes to help Leap2College expand its reach.

Ishir Garg.jpg
Ishir Garg
Director of Outreach
Leland High School

Ishir is a sophomore at Leland High School. He is passionate about math and physics, and participates in many competitions for those subjects. Additionally, he enjoys playing badminton. He also likes to program, and participate in many clubs at Leland including math and physics club.

Leela Bharath
Director of Outreach
Plano Senior High School, TX

Leela, a junior at Plano Senior High school, is interested in humanities, science and business. She participates in vocal performance and has qualified and won NATS, Trekorda, and other competitions. She is a member of the SPCA and enjoys volunteering there along with local food pantries. She also enjoys practicing dance, reading, and traveling.

Manav Chandekar
Director of Outreach
Cupertino High School

Manav is a sophomore at Cupertino High School. He aspires to be an Entrepreneur. He Is passionate in Physics and Math. He’s very social and loves swimming, skiing, and football. He loves volunteering and has served at the City of Cupertino sharing his passion for swimming as Junior Swim Instructor. He is looking forward to contribute his best to the mission at Leap2College.

Evelyn Chen.jpg
Evelyn Chen
Director of Outreach
Mission San Jose High School

Evelyn Chen is a junior at Mission San Jose High School. She's a graphic design officer of a club organization and started an online art class. She is glad to get the opportunity to expand this organization to her community, and look forward to helping other high school students navigate the college admissions process as well.

Open Positions
Leadership Positions Open Now
The following positions are currently available:
  • Director of Outreach (this position is available for every high school)
To check out the details and apply: Open Positions
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