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Guiding your way to college

Our  Mission


Leap2College is a student-run ecosystem that provides a free platform to help high school students navigate the challenging process of college admissions.


Our mission is to pair high schoolers with mentors, provide invaluable college resources, and foster a thriving community of student peers.

What  We  Offer


We have an amazing group of mentors to help guide you through the college application and selection process. These mentors are available for guidance in course selection, APs, activities, college applications, essay review, college selection, and much more.


Check out a variety of resources to help you research and prepare for the college application process. In the Resources section, you will find invaluable information about:​ 


Check out our interview series and listen to the perspectives of successful college graduates. You can learn from their experiences and find your own path to success when applying to colleges.

Find  a  Mentor

Be  a  Mentor

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Are you a current high schooler:

  • who is stressing over important decisions such as what courses and APs to take, whether to focus on grades or extracurriculars, which majors to pursue, or which colleges to apply?

  • who is just looking for some guidance on how best to utilize your high school years and be better prepared for college?

  • who wants to learn more about the different colleges and needs help in making a college decision?

If so, sign up to connect with one of  our mentors! 







If you are not looking for a mentor right now but would like to receive updates about interviews/webinars, new resources, and mentors, please fill out this quick form.

As a high school alumni, you may have been in a position where you needed help and guidance with your decisions, but didn’t have the resources to get help. By becoming a mentor, you will have the opportunity to impact the lives of high school students and guide them through similar problems that you may have faced


Your perspectives and guidance will be invaluable to the current high school students, who may be struggling in their high school and college application process. If you would like to be a guiding light to high school students, sign up to be a mentor today! 







Not ready to be a mentor yet? How about sparing 30 mins for an informal interview, where you can share the story of your high school and college application/selection journey. This can help current students learn from your choices and make better decisions for themselves.

Latest  Interviews

Devanshi Tomar
UC Santa Barbara​
"...If you are doing things to check off boxes that someone else has created for you, then you are not going to have anything to talk about. Break the mold and do things that interest you. Set yourself apart and chase your passions"


My mentor was extremely knowledgeable and easy to speak with. He answered all our questions in great detail and the session was very helpful.
He guided us in the right direction and gave us very useful feedback about major selections, and other questions that we had.
We also want to thank Leap2college for providing an excellent service in a very smooth manner.

My mentor gave me lots of great advice about college and she was willing to take the time to answer all of my questions, regardless of whether if they seemed frivolous or not. She answered all of my questions well and got straight to the point....She’s perfect!

My mentor was able to help me with so much from essays to my resume... she was amazing

With my mentor’s help, I was able to decide which clubs I wanted to do. Entire session was pretty good overall! 

I really enjoyed talking with her! She was really sweet and helped me talk about other opportunities and ways to reach out to people. 

She advised me on extracurriculars and how to get internship positions.

I learned a lot more about how exactly to approach these prompts and have a better idea of answering them. He was very knowledgeable.

Learned about different STEM programs and how to find them...It was pretty good!

The interaction was very beneficial and my mentor was able to give insights to the schools I was applying

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